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Expert dashboard warning light reading and fault code testing in Haywards Heath

At Lavender Motors, we provide a full car diagnostic test for any make or model of vehicle.

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What is diagnostic testing?

If your car dashboard lights have come on in your vehicle, or your car has broken down but you’re not sure why, diagnostic testing enables mechanics to identify exactly what is wrong with your car or light vehicle.

How does it work?

Most modern cars have a computer embedded within their dashboard that links up to each component within the engine bay. During your car diagnostic test at Lavender Motors, our mechanics will hook up a fault code reader to your car’s computer. We’ll turn the ignition on but won’t start the engine, in order for the diagnostic scan tool to communicate with your car’s computer. We’ll enter your car details into our diagnostics tool so the codes that are read are unique to your vehicle for better accuracy. The scan tool then highlights the codes that present a fault. These codes can only really be read by a trained mechanic who will know exactly what they mean, then our mechanics can accurately and efficiently find the fault and identify the repair that needs to be done in order to get your car to be in full working order again.

Informing you of your repairs

At Lavender Motors, we’ll contact you when we know exactly what repairs you will need, and we’ll run through what is wrong, what repairs need to be and how much it’s going to cost. You can then let us know if you want us to go ahead and do the full repairs. We’ll get the work done, and then contact you as soon as your vehicle is ready to be collected.

What’s wrong with my car?

Our fault code readers will identify what the light on the dashboard is referring to. We always recommend getting your car looked at as soon as possible if a light appears on your dashboard, as it could be a serious issue affecting your safety. Here are some of the most common issues;

ABS or airbag capability – this affects your Antilock Braking System, or the ability of your airbag to release in the event of an accident.

Brake system or brake fluid light – This could mean there’s something wrong with your breaking system, or there might be a leak in your engine releasing brake fluid too quickly.

Engine warning light – this could be accompanied by lack of power as your vehicle goes into safety mode, or any other faults that don’t appear normal. It can mean anything from a minor electrical fault to a larger engine mechanical problem that could be a really serious issue.

Coolant warning light – Coolant is important in keeping your engine temperature at the correct levels to avoid overheating. This can be a simple refill of coolant or could indicate major leaks or head gasket issues.

Oil warning light – like your coolant, oil is required to keep temperatures regulated within the engine bay as well as the correct levels of lubrication. Engine damage can be expensive, so it’s best to get these issues looked at as soon as possible.

Battery light – if your battery light is on, chances are that there is a bad connection or a broken battery which could mean your car won’t get very far.

Book a vehicle diagnostics

Book a vehicle diagnostics to find out what is causing problems for your car. Our prices are an affordable alternative to main dealerships, but our expert mechanics and high-tech equipment allow us to always offer high-quality servicing at Lavender Motors.

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